This is a good sign that spring is upon us: the Bayfront Ice Rink is officially closed for the season.

The news was announced on Thursday (February 25th), stating that because of warm temperatures, the rink is closed for the season. The rink closed shortly after the announcement.

Of the closure, the Duluth Parks and Recreation department said the "deteriorating ice conditions will no longer provide quality skating experiences." This is due to the big warm-up we have seen the second half of the month.

It should be noted that this means the rink will no longer host the Bae-Front Valentine's skating event from the Cold Front Festival. This event, along with the festival as a whole, was supposed to take place during the first part of the month but because of cold temperatures, the events had to be postponed a handful of times until conditions warmed up. (The irony of the festival being postponed due to cold is not lost on anyone.)

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Like we said, while it is a bummer the rink is closed for the season, it is a sign that spring is coming soon. We certainly deserve a stretch of mild weather after dealing with nearly three-hundred hours of consecutive frigid temperatures. Yes, really!

Meteorologists at the Weather Channel are predicting an early spring for our neck of the woods. The Old Farmer's Almanac has a forecast that does align with that as well, predicting some light periods of snow come March but rounding out the month with mild conditions.

This is the Northland though so we will have to wait and see what happens.

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