The Fattenin' Frogs came in to the studio to talk before their performance and I got them to also play me a tune. This is their first year at the Bayfront Blues Festival and they are excited because as you know they festival has quite the reputation. Plus it has the scenery too.

This is a large group of people so I wondered if there were a few things that they had to put up with, like who was the slob of the group. They gave him up!!! Plus who was the funny one? You will be surprised.

This should be a really good show because the Fattenin' Frogs were awesome to have in the studio. Here's our talk and here is the performance. Chris Holm - vocals, harmonica, banjo, guitar Mark Larson - drums, hollerin' Paul DeLong - bass guitar, guitar, vocals, saxophone Amanda White - vocals, kazoo Danielle Scofield - vocals Michael Lloyd - guitar, piano, vocals, accordion (although they had a guy sitting in on drums).

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