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The View started talking about sex yesterday when Joy Behar said Barbra Walters was looking very S& M. Barbra announced she likes to come home and have the man take charge……TMI!!!? Then she asked Elizabeth Hasselbeck if she liked it rough. I would answer for her, yes…..but she likes to hand it out!!!







This always happens when a big star or model breaks up with their husband. They appear in a bikini or now that Heidi Klum is single ... she shows off her body in a new nude photo shoot for Allure magazine's May issue. The sexy supermodel is covered by her well-placed hands, but we get a peek of her bare belly, arms, legs... Debra Messing and Maria Menounos are also featured, The May issue of Allure is available on newsstands April 24.



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HERE’S THE HOT POOP! If you believe X17Online, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are dating! They recently went looking for furniture and then cozied up while sharing a sushi dinner in Studio City before retreating to the new Hollywood Hills home he recently purchased, and then a night at her pad.  Kunis' rep said "No! They're so not dating".  The two recently reunited to film a "That '70s Show" reunion episode. (Notice they are denying right away….something is up), look for a denial later today from Kutcher’s Rep too.

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