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The View started talking about sex yesterday when Joy Behar said Barbra Walters was looking very S& M. Barbra announced she likes to come home and have the man take charge……TMI!!!? Then she asked Elizabeth Hasselbeck if she liked it rough. I would answer for her, yes…..but she likes to hand it out!!!






This always happens when a big star or model breaks up with their husband. They appear in a bikini or now that Heidi Klum is single ... she shows off her body in a new nude photo shoot for Allure magazine's May issue. The sexy supermodel is covered by her well-placed hands, but we get a peek of her bare belly, arms, legs... Debra Messing and Maria Menounos are also featured, The May issue of Allure is available on newsstands April 24.



HERE’S THE HOT POOP! If you believe X17Online, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are dating! They recently went looking for furniture and then cozied up while sharing a sushi dinner in Studio City before retreating to the new Hollywood Hills home he recently purchased, and then a night at her pad.  Kunis' rep said "No! They're so not dating".  The two recently reunited to film a "That '70s Show" reunion episode. (Notice they are denying right away….something is up), look for a denial later today from Kutcher’s Rep too.