I don't know if this would kill the pain of losing the Super Bowl, but It sure would help me to get away. Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning gets an all expense paid trip to Disney, which doesn't seem like much because he has to do interviews with all media while he's there. The losers collect their checks and wallow in their sorrow until next season.

I think if I were one of the Patriots and went, I wouldn't want to do anything but sit on the bar in the pool and drink for a week straight.

As Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning earned a trip to Disney World. As Super Bowl runners-up, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots received an offer to take a trip to Aruba.

"We want to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work, dedication and season-long success of the team, despite their loss," said CEO Ronella Tjin Asjoe in the statement. "We believe there is no better place to recover after a loss than Aruba.  After all, we are known as 'One Happy Island.'"