Ann Wilson said that she and her Heart bandmate and sister Nancy aren't locked into arguments with one another, contrary to reports.

"It’s a myth," she told Classic Rock. "Nancy and I are OK with each other. We just have different ideas for what Heart should be, and we haven’t figured out a compromise yet.

"Fifty years on, I still want it to break barriers and rules, and she’s more satisfied to ride the L.A. imaging thing and just do legacy stuff. So that’s a real split between us. Things like this will happen, though, but then they’ll get better, and we’ll love each other more."

In a separate interview with Rock Candy, Wilson, speaking specifically to an incident that occurred in 2016 when her husband was arrested during Heart's tour, noted that the sisters' highly publicized professions played a role in the aftermath of the situation.

"Things happen in families," she said. "And that was a really good example of something that happened within a family, and we worked it out. But the part that made it hard was that it happened in the public eye. If it had happened privately, we'd have got the family in a room and sat down and worked it out between us."

Wilson, who's set to release a solo album, Fierce Bliss, on April 29, is now looking ahead to 2023, which marks the 50th anniversary of Heart. "I’m having an event, I’m going to invite everyone who’s ever been in the band and that will be recorded," Wilson told Rock Cellar. "And then we’ll see what happens beyond that. I can’t say for sure when but it’s my mission to get that going."

She also offered an update on the status of a Heart biopic. "I think that [writer and director] Carrie Brownstein is still putting the finishing tweaks on the script," she said. "Of course, everything shut down for the pandemic, so that sort of set them back, but they’re back in the office now and they’re working on it again. So it’s still comin’."

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