Ann Wilson has released a new EP, Howlen Live, which features four tracks recorded at the singer's first post-pandemic shows a few weeks ago in Florida.

Wilson performed the songs with her solo band, the Amazing Dawgs, which consists of Tom Bukovac on lead guitar, bassist Tony Lucido, guitarist and keyboardist Paul Moak and Sean Lane on drums.

"As we finished up the leg in June, it became clear to me that we made some real magic out there," the Heart frontwoman said of the EP in an email sent to fans. The collection includes two Heart songs, "Crazy on You" and "Barracuda," as well as one of Wilson's newly released solo songs, "Black Wing," plus a cover of Queen's "Love of My Life."

“I write from an emotional base," Wilson told The Guardian earlier this year. Her inclusion of the Queen song made sense given her history with the band; Heart hit the road with the British legends during their 1982 Hot Space tour. "The songs that I choose to cover are chosen from the same base. It’s just songs that ring some bell inside me.”

Even though Heart haven't returned to the road, Wilson has released several solo projects in 2021, including several new singles and an EP of songs recorded by her pre-Heart band, the Daybreaks.

"These are my first recordings ever," she said of the EP. "They only sold a handful of copies, and there were only 500 copies pressed. But it was the start of my career. ... I have always felt that first experience in the studio with these songs, strange as they are, made up my mind for me."

Howlen Live is available now as a download. "Please enjoy that taste!" Wilson said in her email. She is scheduled to continue her tour with the Amazing Dawgs through August. "There's much more where that came from."

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