Finding your soul mate is never easy, but the search for a perfect match is rendered all the more urgent when you’re in danger of being wiped out unless you reproduce.

That is why zookeepers are now turning to online dating sites designed to find the ideal mate for threatened species on the verge of extinction.

Rabbits Dating

The Species Survival Plan, launched by The Association of Zoos and Aquariums gives zoo employees the chance to bring a whole range of species access to a potential breeding partner in zoos across the US.

Each animal has its own profile page with information about their location, their genetics, their behavior and the endangered state of their species. BUT there are no pictures of the animals on the profiles!

So far results have been pretty successful —  in California, a pair of river otters were brought together at the Oakland Zoo, they mated and two baby otters were born.

If only it were that simple for us humans!

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