School isn't cheap and unfortunately, there are sometimes life-circumstances beyond their control that leave families with unpaid bills at the institution they send their child.  From overdue school lunch accounts to field trip budgets that are in arrears, many find themselves behind financially.

A new program aims to correct that.

Recent donations to the Superior Public School Districts Angel Fund have started to roll in.  In the past few weeks, publicized donations totaling more than $1,600 have been placed in an account that seeks to help those in need.  A former food service workers family donated $100, Concordia Lutheran Church submitted $500, and the Elk's Club have $1000 to the Angel Fund.

According to school representatives, the money will be used to offset those accounts that have negative balances in them.  An estimated $26,000 currently exists in unpaid school lunch accounts.

You, too can donate to the cause.  Donations from the general public are accepted and are greatly appreciated.  Look for details on the school district's website.

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