Kenny Jary, is a 79 year old Navy veteran from Willernie Minnesota, and has gotten more than 650,000 followers on TikTok, who know him as “Patriotic Kenny.” For anybody who uses the TikTok app that is an amazing amount of followers for anybody and he does not even need to dance or make jokes, he is just a genuinely nice guy.

Jary's story all started with his neighbor Amanda Kline who helped him start his Tik Tok account. He went on the App talking about his motorized scooter and broken down and his friends started a Go Fund me account to help his raise the $5,000 he needed to replace it. Well that video was viewed more than 10 million times going viral. His followers absolutely fell in love with him.

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His Go Fund Me Page is now up to $90,000. Kenny said to WCCO/CBSNews:

I could not believe it, I laid on the floor and just bawled because I’m an emotional person, so I’m so happy. I can’t imagine, I ain’t got words for that. To me? I won the lottery and then some.

After Kenny gets his new scooter and some dental work done he plans on helping out other veterans in need, but the actual plans have not been revealed yet. Many people on Tik Tok  use some type of apps to accept donations like Venmo or Go Fund Me but when you read a story like this about such a beautiful man like Kenny it really warms your heart, and that is why so many people jumped at the chance to help him. And of course being the stand up person he is he is paying it forward. We could all learn a thing or two from Kenny.

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