I've narrowed my guess of America's Angriest Cities down to Chicago, NYC, and Boston. I'm anxious to see how they rated.

We’ve discovered that if you want to really piss off an entire city, all you have to do is rank it last among 100 cities and then print the results in a national magazine.  Detroit, go ahead and let us have it: You are officially the most spitting-mad metropolis.

How did we gauge rage?  We calculated the number of aggravated assaults per capita (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the number of people with high blood pressure (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the amount of time spent in traffic during rush hour (Texas Transportation Institute), and the number of anger-management specialists per capita (American Psychological Association).

The 10 Angriest Cities:

100 Detroit, MI F

99 Baltimore, MD F

98 St. Petersburg, FL F

97 Las Vegas, NV D-

96 Newark, NJ D-

95 Charleston, WV D-

94 Dallas, TX D

93 Houston, TX D

92 Philadelphia, PA D

91 Miami, FL D

90 Riverside, CA D

The 10 Least Angry Cities:

10 Anchorage, AK A-

9 Reno, NV A-

8 Wichita, KS A-

7 Cheyenne, WY A-

6 Salt Lake City, UT A-

5 Madison, WI A-

4 Colorado Springs, CO A

3 Fargo, ND A

2 Lincoln, NE A

1 Burlington, VT A+

via America's Angriest Cities.