As online shopping continues to grow so has the problem of thieves picking up unattended packages from the front (or back) doors of their intended customers.  Now it appears that the worlds largest online retailer is trying a new tactic to help prevent these thefts.

Amazon has announced a new delivery service that places packages in the trunks of parked automobiles instead of at the doorstep.  In order to take part, customers would have to have a newer vehicle that can be linked to a smartphone app.  Customers would give access to the Amazon delivery person via the app with a digital key - allowing the trunk to be opened for the package, but then closed - and locked.  At this time, the service is available free of charge to Amazon Prime customers.

The move continues Amazon's security evolution - all in an effort to make their online shopping experience as safe and hassle-free as possible.  In 2011, Amazon debuted secure lockers for customers who live in urban metro areas.  Last year, the company introduced Amazon Key - a service that allows a delivery person access into a locked home via smart devices and the internet.  Right now, Amazon charges their Prime customers for this service.

An additional benefit to Amazon's in-trunk-delivery service is that the drop-off could be made at a location that isn't the customers home.  When the order is placed and instructions are left, customers leave an address where the vehicle will be parked - which would allow the delivery to occur at their work location or any spot of their choosing.

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