Amarah Parks said she wrote her first song with her sister in 4th grade called "Dry Spell", she didn't know that would lead to bigger things.

She was a homeschooled student and so she was used to being around her sister, but at 15 she picked up a guitar so she could write, perform, and be a solo artist. That was the time she started to say, this was what she was choosing to do with her life.

She says her family did sing and/or play, but her Uncle Seth was the force that drove her to be in music, and also looked up to him. Seth is a Christian artist who writes inspiring music and that is what drew her to Daughtry. "Home" by Daughtry is the song she says inspired her the most and says she was turned on to the song by her Dad and the fact that she saw it on a TV show.

He "Best Music Story" is the fact that she always looked at the stage at the Moose Lake Pavilion and said she would play on that stage. It was almost a premonition. She wasn't even thinking about being in that business when she was thinking she would be on that stage someday.

On July 3rd, Amarah will release her first single called "Comfort Zone". She was nice enough to make a lyric video for us to share so that you can hear it. It will not be available to buy till July 3rd.

It's a song that she says is about doing what you need to do to get over your obstacles and challenges and to be grateful they came your way to make you the person you want to be.

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