2020 is mandating big changes and the Duluth All Souls Night has to change too.

The DASN is going to take place all over Duluth instead of just being at the Depot for one night. On Sunday, November 1st, the final online ceremony. Funeral March for Rotten Ideas with Thomas Boys Back Home Brass Band, Sara Sha Bagpipes, reading/burning of the Rotten Ideas, and fire dancing by the Spin Collective.

The Windows Into Grief walking and driving tour has started and is a self-guided grief-themed art display along Superior Street. There are many locations all over the city.

When I asked Mary Plaster, the organizer to describe it, she said, Duluth All Souls Night is intergenerational, multicultural, and multidisciplinary, nurturing expression from everyone as we recognize the loss and embrace what is life-giving at the postharvest/pre-winter time of year when leaves have fallen and things look a bit bleak.

This night has attracted people by acknowledging and transforming grief with displays, poetry, music, dance, and spectacle arts like giant puppets, aerialists, and fire spinning. Making it more about how to express the grief and channel it.

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All different kinds of art and all different kinds of artists. Everyone handles loss and grief differently and so many people use art to express those different ways. Some of those artists don't have a place to show how they express that feeling. There is a go fund me page if you want to get involved and actually support some of those artists.

Some of the art is looking for names of people who have been lost. Some of them are asking for people to leave names. There will be films and other presentations. You can find out more on the Facebook page and can connect with people there.

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