A variety of frozen, ready-to-eat chicken fried rice is being recalled due to "contamination with extraneous materials".  The announcement affects 172,692 pounds of Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-style Fried Rice - made by Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc. and sold in a variety of states across the country.

According to information provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, the concern is with plastic pieces that have been reported by a number of customers.  While the plastic pieces have been found in some of the product, the agency does point out that as of this point there haven't been any adverse or medical effects as a result.

Due to the nature of frozen food (i.e. people buy the product and consume it at a much later date), part of the concern is with the number of food packages that may be in someones freezer - with the consumer unaware of the potential danger.  The USDA urges people to check their freezers for affected product and then contact the company - via Willis Hwang, Consumer Affairs Manager, Ajinomoyto Foods North America, Inc.:  503-361-5003.

Click here to see the food product labels.

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