Having already successfully introduced a line of wines suitable for sipping while headbanging, the guys in AC/DC have moved on to the next logical step: brewing their own beer.

Sadly, AC/DC beer isn't yet available here in the States; it's currently limited to a select few countries, like Germany -- which is why the beverage's official site is written in German, leaving us with a rough translation of its marketing text. Which is fine, really, because if there's a beer in the world that deserves to be called "the roadie for the rock group of friends" and advertised with phrases like "Ignites on the tongue like a ton of TNT -- and taste every beer lover," it's AC/DC's beer.

No word yet on how quickly this stuff will make it to the U.S., but there's no need to be alarmed just yet -- the band's wine wasn't originally available on our shelves at first either. And just looking at those cans, which come in tallboy and mini-keg varieties, leaves us fairly certain that some enterprising soul is going to come along and do whatever it takes to import it for our thirsty American gullets as soon as possible. If Keyshawn Johnson can have his own wine, there's definitely room for this.

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