This was inevitable. There is now a parody of AC/DC’s ‘Big Balls’ about the DeflateGate scandal that has rocked the NFL in advance of next week’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Take a listen to ’Tom’s Big Balls’ above.

The song was delivered by Sports Radio KJR in Seattle, and leaves no question about which team they want to win. They’re mocking the Patriots, and their quarterback Tom Brady in particular, for being caught with 11 of their 12 game balls in last week’s AFC Championship game falling below the league’s regulations for air pressure. It is believed that deflated balls are easier to throw and catch. The Patriots won the game 45-7.

"DeflateGate," as it has become known, has become fodder for ball-related jokes in headlines all week, which brings us to the song. As if anything could get more proudly juvenile than AC/DC’s original, the third verse to the parody begins, “Some balls are hard and slippery and bounce off hands and chest / But when they’re soft as Charmin, they’re the balls that Tom likes best.” Tight end Rob Gronkowski and coach Bill Belichick, who appeared testy at recent press conferences and may have to get the sack if found responsible, are also referenced.

For their part, the Patriots, who were found guilty of videotaping an opponents’ defensive signals in 2007, have said that they do not know how the balls -- which were approved by the referee two hours before kickoff -- got in that condition.

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