Lake Superior Art Glass has teamed up with Blacklist Brewing Co. for the unique experience of designing your own mug or pint glass and doing a little axe throwing, but spaces are filling up fast.

This is a true Duluth experience with each local company providing opportunities to try something different, while also ultimately engaging in something we all know well: drinking beer.

Your first step is to reserve an time slot to make your mug or pint glass at Lake Superior Art Glass in Canal Park and, as of Thursday, there were a small handful of times available. Once that is set, the actual process involves customizing your blown glass by choosing the shape, colors, and color manipulations.   You'll work with their artists on the design and then their professional glassblowers "will create your glass right in front of your eyes."

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Reservation includes the price for one glass with two colors and one color manipulation. You have the option of four different glass styles:

Pint Glass (5” - 7”) - $47
Pilsner Glass - (6” - 8”) - $47
5” Mug - (4.5” - 5.5”) - $58
7” Mug - (6.5” - 7.5”) - $63.50

You can click here to get complete details and to reserve your timeslot. Each timeslot is 30 minutes and you're allowed to make one glass per session.  Again a reminder that this is filling up fast, so don't wait to get signed up. 

Blacklist Brewing Co. comes into play as they've agreed to include an axe throwing coupon for all those who make a mug or pint glass. You can enjoy local beer with your new creation and do axe throwing, it doesn't get more fun and rustic than that!

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