From a marketing standpoint, you have to admire the job that McDonalds has done with the McRib sandwich;  Their give-and-take with consumers has developed a pressed-meat, barbecue sauce-covered sandwich into a cult favorite.

Now, McDonalds is about to turn up the heat.

McDonald’s Austria has one-upped the classic McRib with a new menu item dubbed the McRibster.

According to the New York Daily News, the McRibster is a limited-time menu offering that debuted at McDonald’s Austria locations. The sandwich is deep fried, topped with an extra layer of pork (in the form of bacon), and has a layer of pepper-jack cheese. The McRib barbecue sauce has been swapped out for two different sauces: honey-mustard and spicy sweet chili sauce. Unlike the McRib, the McRibster comes complete with fresh lettuce and onions.

McDonalds officials aren't saying for sure whether or not the McRibster will see the heat lamp any time soon in the United States.

It doesn’t look like the McRibster will come to America anytime soon, but McRib fans need not worry. The cult-classic sandwich will continue to make comebacks stateside. While the McRibster has certainly garnered attention for making the McRib even more outrageous, it hasn't yet surpassed the popularity of the original McRib. But the sandwich does have its own Facebook page.

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