Duluth actually has a place on their website to report potholes. How does the city figure out who and where to fix first. What do they do to fix it, fill it, repair it, or repave it? I've always thought there has got to be a better way.

How does Duluth determine who gets fixed first? I don't know if they have people go around and look at potholes and say, mmmm that one looks bad we have to do this one first.

Do they go who is taxed the highest for their street. Is it determined by most potholes, deepest, longest, most wrecks, how is it done?

Well, Shari and I have an idea, maybe there needs to be some sort of contest. Let's force the people of the northland to get creative. Maybe dress them up, make a film about them, or take some photos and use some dressings or paint to make them seem like they need more work.

Here's our idea.


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