The Great Lakes Aquarium will need some help in fundraising as they look to add a new exhibit "The Amazing World of the Unsalted Seas’".

The project would open up a harbor view from the aquarium that had not previously been accessible to most guests and focusing on Earth’s 253 largest lakes, including Lake Superior. It would feature hands-on interactive exhibits, as well as two live animal displays, including a sturgeon touch pool and a cichlid tank. The Aquarium hoping to have the exhibit ready to open by August of next year.

This would be the largest of the aquarium attractions, bringing the facility’s total exhibit space by nearly 3,500 square feet. They have a $360,000 budget and received a $250,000 appropriation from the state’s Legacy Fund, however the new exhibit is expected to cost around $726,500.

So take the time to head over to the aquarium and enjoy the before and after. It has been years since I have been there and I need to get back to it and bring the family. Head down yourself and send me some pictures. Read more about it.

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