Cedar and Stone Nordic Sauna will soon be offering a Nordic Style Sauna that will move around to different locations for residents and tourists alike to sweat it out for better health. Owner Justin Juntunen sees this business as a healthy way for people to relax and relieve stress. He went on to say " The thing I really want to see revived is … space that is built around wellness, not just … built around alcohol or coffee .I love our breweries and our coffee shops, (but) we can have other ones.”

Currently Juntunen is looking for a partner like a hotel to set up his mobile sauna attracting tourists and regulars alike to both places. Once he finds a partner business he will be set up for individual and group reservations.

The sauna holds 10 people and has many beautiful aesthetics from the scented candles to the smell of cedar wood. He also has little individual cubbies in place to store your personal belongings when you sauna. What a great activity with family or friends to help get through these long months of bitter cold and snow. For more on this story Click Here

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