Whether you eat out on a regular basis or you prefer to dine in, I think everyone living in the Twin Ports is at least remotely familiar with the wide variety of restaurants available to us.  From fancy sit-down establishments that require reservations to drive-through fast food options, the choices are plentiful.  And if you're a local foodie, you've probably tried them all - at least once if you're not already a regular.

While I'm not sure if the term "foodie" applies to me personally, I do like to eat and I have enjoyed my share of meals at a lot of restaurants in town.  That's why I was curious when I encountered a new compiled by mntrips.com - an online travel advisor - of "Great Restaurants In Town".  Being the adventurous eater that I am, I clicked - to see if their choices would (somewhat) match up with mine.

Imagine my surprise when  the first entry on their list was a totally new option for me - one that I hadn't even heard of before.  Heading mntrips.com's list for Great Restaurants In Duluth is a place called Cotton Mansion.  And there is a good reason that I've never heard of them before:  it's website self-describes themselves as "a distinctive bed and breakfast".

That would explain why I've never been there; living here in the Northland, I have never had reason to stay there.  But maybe I should, based off of the travel advisors reviews of the two breakfasts they ate there to start their day. The Cotton Manion ranks as the lists only listing for breakfast options in the article about Duluth.


The rest of the restaurant listings for Duluth are broken down by "lunch" and "dinner" options - with three different establishments ranked for each. Here are the lunch restaurants called-out by mntrip.com - listed in their rank-order:

For dinner, mntrip.com shared reviews of these restaurants (again, listed in their rank-order):

To see the complete write-ups, the meal descriptions, and reviews or each restaurant, click here to see the full list.

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Summarizing their time in Duluth - which was a three day stay - the travel advisor had very complimentary things to say about our city:  [w]e were delightfully surprised by the variety and quality of eats that we found there".

As for me - I think I need to schedule a stay at the Cotton Manion to try it out!

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