After doing an informal poll, people from the area were ready to admit they talk to their pets like they were a person.

Most people know they aren't going to get an answer from their pets, but they talk to them like they are going to answer. People were not afraid to admit that they do talk to their pets. Most people from the Northland even said they know their pet can understand them.

Winter says she has long conversations about the universe with her pet. (Would love to be a fly on the wall for that). Vickie says she treats her cat like a daughter and holds a lot of one-sided conversations with her and spoils her like a human. Debra says she talks to her dog and cat like they are people, and says she doesn't see anything wrong with it. Kaylen says she thinks her pet understands her.

You may laugh at that but it's actually a sign you are an intelligent person. According to a study done in Chicago. It found that people that talk to pets, plants, cars, and other objects, are found to be smart people. According to the study, most people develop relationships with the things in their lives and feel like they can talk to them. It's been shown that living things like plants and animals do better when you talk to them.

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According to People, most people stop talking to pets as they get older because they feel they look stupid or loony because they are older and don't want to look looney. Actually, it's good for your mind to assign human characteristics to animals.

When you talk to your animal, what's going on in their head? According to Petstreet, they do recognize some speech but most of the time they are listening to your voice. They may understand some of what you say but it's how you say ti that they are listening to.

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Most people in the poll I did think whatever they said to their pet was understood by their pet. One thing none of these studies covered was after you live with your pet for a while that they maybe start to understand what is going on around them.

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I would say there is nothing wrong with talking to their pets. In fact, if you talk to your plants and car, you must be brilliant.

Here are some people that think their pets can actually talk, some of them appear to say words.

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