The Aitkin County Sheriff's Office reported a July 6 incident involving six pipeline protesters who were ultimately arrested, with multiple charges filed. While protesters getting arrested is not uncommon, the methods these individuals used not only threatened public safety, but were also disgusting.

According to a Facebook post by Northern Lights Task Force MN, not only were public roads blocked, but spikes were also placed in the roadways to damage tires and property of anyone driving through. These protesters also blocked the private property of Aitkin County residents.

While that is troublesome enough, here's where it gets disgusting:

Three individuals locked themselves down using devices known as “sleeping dragons.” These individuals went a step further than merely locking themselves down; they had filled the sleeping dragons with feces. Truly an unhealthy and unsanitary act meant to harass those tasked with extrication.

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"Sleeping dragons" are a common maneuver used by protesters to make their removal from a protest site more difficult for authorities as it usually involves protesters being handcuffed together, while also incorporating piping and other things to make cutting through it difficult.  Adding feces is not common.

Northern Lights Task Force MN Facebook
Northern Lights Task Force MN Facebook

The protesters arrested were from a variety of states, with one being from Minnesota, one from Wisconsin, one from Iowa, one from Massachusetts and two from California.

When it was all said and done, the charges filed against the protesters were:

  • 1 Gross Misdemeanor Obstruct with Legal Process with Force
  • 1 Gross Misdemeanor 5th Degree Narcotics (mushrooms and marijuana)
  • 4 Gross Misdemeanor Trespass on Critical Infrastructure
  • 2 Citations issued for Misdemeanor Trespass
Northern Lights Task Force MN Facebook
Northern Lights Task Force MN Facebook

The good news is that authorities handled the situation as well as could be expected and nobody was hurt. Although, I suspect many long, hot showers were taken by authorities once this incident was over.

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