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Sherri Shepherd was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" last night, even thought singer Gladys Knight had the lowest score coming out of Monday's performance show.
Last night’s show also featured KISS doing “Lick It Up”. Actress Melissa Gilbert suffered a concussion during Monday night's performance when she hit her head on her partner’s knee taking out his knee, shoulder and pride. Melissa said she will return to compete next week.





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Matt Groening, creator of the Simpsons, said yesterday that Springfield, the hometown of the Simpsons, is in Oregon. He said the town name itself is one of the most used in the nation, that’s why he picked it, so most people would think it was their Springfield.






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HERE’S THE HOT POOP!!!   Kevin Costner will appear on Anderson Cooper’s show tomorrow to discuss his new production “Hatfields and McCoys”, which will be boring, but he did reveal two things. One, he was asked to write two letters to Whitney Houston about her life and hoped it would help her. He said he remained close after the movie but not close enough to call and speak his mind. Kevin Cosnter also revealed there was going to be a bodyguard 2, and it would star Princess Diana!! He said he would help her along like he did Whitney, but then the tragic death hit the news and Costner said he didn’t want that to become the story when there was such a loss. That would have been a beautiful movie, Elton John would have written the theme song.

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