According to cardiologists, a bad diet can really do some damage to your heart.

People from Minnesota and Wisconsin are notorious for sneaking the unhealthy foods in during the summer into their diet. Camping, vacations, and summer sports make people have to buy fast food or eat easy to make food.

According to a report from the Today Show, here's a short list.

Bacon / Processed Meats

The World Health Organization has determined that eating processed meats causes cancer and says it is bad for your heart. NOOOOOOO!!!. No Bacon, No sausage!! What do we eat for breakfast, Tofu?

Potato Chips and processed, packaged snacks

According to doctors, the carbs are a bigger problem than the fat or salt.


Whatever happened to anything is ok when eaten in moderation. Apparently, out the door when it comes to deserts.

Fast Food

Some fast food is ok because it has veggies as part of the meal, but for the big picture, it's all processed and in fat and most people don't make it a part of a balanced diet, they eat it all the time.

Energy Drinks

With mega sugar, along with ingredients that have been linked to high blood pressure or arrhythmia. I don't know what that is, but it can't be good. If you need one every once in a while, great pick me up, but most people make it part of their daily routine. Drink coffee or get some caffeine pills and down 'em with water.

So will this cause you to start eating healthier?

Source: TODAY

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