As I was on air warning people to remember to make their dinner reservations for Valentine's Day before the ultimate times were booked, I began thinking about the restaurants we use to have in the area that many couples use to get engaged at while celebrating Valentine's dinner.  If you remember these restaurants do you miss them as much as I do?


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    Jolly Fisher

    The Jolly Fisher had the biggest shrimp with the best batter!!!  Their motto was “if it swims, we have it” and they truly did, so very yummy.  If memory serves me right (and it might not) they were located where the MN Power Building is now, yes?

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    Black Steer

    The Black Steer was where India Palace is now.  The last time I was there was to celebrate a birthday where one of my gifts was a non-skip Walkman CD player, lol I bet you can guess the year!!

  • 3

    Chinese Lantern

    The Chinese Lantern was the “go to” place whenever we had a birthday, anniversary or special celebration.  Loved the atmosphere, remember the round tables inside the gazebos?  The waitstaff wore kimono tops, the food was exceptional, there was a cool water fountain in the lobby and who could forget the slightly winding staircase upstairs to the Brass Phoenix?  Spent many a night dancing there!

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    The Bellows

    I remember going to The Bellows, but don't remember much about the food.  I mostly remember the unusual shape of the building on London Road.  That and I use to go to the spa and salon that went in after The Bellows closed.  Now I believe it houses a financial consultant.

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    The Buena Vista

    I miss the Buena Vista's bloody mary's and of course the view that allowed you to see ships sailing Lake Superior for miles.  I actually remember going there with my parents when I was 5 years old.  I laughed and laughed at my father who was given a bib to wear when he ordered lobster.  That's what they use to do, give you a bib when ordering a meal of lobster.  If you would have told a 5 year old me that years later I was going to be out with my friends drinking tomato juice with vodka garnished with celery and a beef stick in it, my 5 year old self would have laughed at you! (and at that age had no idea what you were talking about).

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