Does your child buy school supplies that just end up unused at the bottom of their backpack? This is bad for the environment, your child and your pocket.

This list will give you options that your child will be excited to use for the whole school year. From electronics to pencils, these items have been carefully chosen for today’s classroom and today’s child.

The colorful pops of color keep a child’s attention and ensure their use. Get rid of the notion of the boring black pens and notebooks, and get your child excited for the school year with these tools that are as usable as they are fun.


24-Pack of Colorful Pens | $19.99; Buy Here

Dull, boring black pens and pencils are a thing of the past. Pops of color bring new life into school. Make writing and note taking an enjoyable activity with this 24-count of colorful pens. These pens have smear-resistant ink, so writing can continue all day meaning your child can create colorful, color-coded notes with ease. These are great for use at home to doodle, and then can be put in backpack for use at school.


Transforming Cat Pencil Pouch | $8.99; Buy Here

These new supplies will need a home. The iSuperb Transformer Stand Store Pencil Holder is perfect for any child -- and animal lover. It is not just your usual pencil pouch. With a quick slide, it magically transforms into a pencil stand perfect for even a small children’s desk. The zippered top and sewn in pockets keep your child organized with ease. Even the pickiest of children will be happy with the four different design choices – black, grey, blue and pink.


Strawberry USB Drive | $9; Buy Here

Electronics are increasingly used in the classroom and your student needs to be prepared for this. Get them this cute strawberry USB drive and ensure they always have access to their important documents, photos and music. This drive may look small, but a whole 4GB of documents can be stored on it. It is small enough to be easily transported, but big enough to not be easily lost. Plug this into a USB port and it's ready to use.


Plush Phone Holder | $4.69; Buy Here

Place this item on your child’s desk as a stylish, fun and usable accessory. Technology is great for the classroom, but it can be a big burden and distraction at home. Put your child’s phone, and your troubles, at ease with this plush cell-phone holder. It is perfect for most phones, and accommodates up to 5.5 inch width. Part stuffed-animal and part distraction-free tool, you and your child will both appreciate this item.


6-pack of Colorful Plastic Folders | $11.99; Buy Here

Say good-bye to plain and weak plastic folders. This pack is both stylish and sturdy! Your child will want to get organized with these colorful folders. They come in a wide-assortment of colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, & Purple. These are perfect for color-coordination and for different classes. Even the toughest of children will enjoy these folders. They are tear-proof and strong for easy transport from bag to desk and back. Your child will be stylish and organized with ease.