Fines but not charges are the end-result of a two-year investigation into the death of Prince - the Minnesota-born and rocker who died of an opioid overdose in April 2016.  Dr. Michael Schulenberg will pay $30,000 in federal fines stemming from his admission to writing a prescription for oxycodone for one of Prince's assistants a week before the death - while knowing that the medication was intended for the musician.

The official cause of death for Prince was the "excessively high levels of fentanyl" found in his body.  Investigators found a large number of prescription pain pills scattered around the artists Chanhassen residence leaving friends and family perplexed; Prince had projected a "clean living" outward appearance to those who knew him while obtaining prescription painkillers to combat the rigors of performing.  Examiners close to the case have speculated that Prince himself may not have known exactly what he was taking and that some of the (seemingly) low-level painkillers he had in his possession might have been secretly laced with opioids - due to the nature of how they were obtained.

In the case of Schulenberg, the fine is not an admission of guilt or liability.  In exchange for the fine, he will get to maintain his medical license as long as he keeps clear records as to who he is prescribing medications for.  He'll also have to accept inspections of his medical records by officials with the U. S. Drug Enforcement Agency.



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