The Twin Ports is a hugely popular tourist destination year-round. We don't blame tourists for heading our way. We have a lot to offer!

The Duluth and Superior area is filled with amazing landmarks and attractions and of course, the opportunity to see the beauty of Lake Superior up close.

The list of places for tourists to visit in the Twin Ports is a mile long but no matter what, there is a handful of places each one goes to the first time they visit. It never fails.

This list includes popular restaurants that are famous statewide to iconic landmarks. Check out the list of 21 places every first-time tourist goes to when visiting the Twin Ports.

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21 Places Every First-Time Tourist Goes To When Visiting The Twin Ports

The Twin Ports is a huge tourist destination and rightfully so! There is so much to see but these 21 places are spots every first-time tourist flocks to no matter what.

12 Iconic Landmarks In The Twin Ports

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