After a year where no in-person Grandma's Marathon activities were able to happen due to the pandemic, the 2021 Grandma's Marathon Weekend looks to be a return to almost full normalcy.

As the events of marathon weekend draw near, we'll be updating this post with the latest information on what to expect for Friday's festivities as well as a breakdown of what to expect through various parts of the day on Saturday as the Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon and Grandma's Marathon happen.

While many elements will be 'back to normal', the location for this year's Friday night and Saturday entertainment has changed. Music will be performed at Bayfront Festival Park this year, moving the entertainment from the parking lot in Canal Park where tents are normally set up. You can see the lineup and schedule here.

Friday Evening - William A Irvin 5K, Entertainment Concert (Duluth)

Canal Park will see temperatures around 80 on Friday late afternoon, with 78 expected to be the start time temperature for the 5K. Partly cloudy conditions are expected with breezy west wind around 15 mph, gusting to 25 mph persisting through much of the afternoon and calming some into the evening.

Temperatures will cool off after sunset to 64 degrees, with the wind calming down to 5-10 mph as well. There is a slight chance of a rain shower or thunderstorm after 8 pm through midnight.

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Saturday Morning - Grandma's Marathon Starting Line (Two Harbors)

The morning will start off with a few passing clouds and temperatures around 50 degrees at 6 am. A north wind of 5-10 mph at 6 am will shift eventually to an east wind by 10 am. There is no notable chance of rain for race day.

Saturday Morning - Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon/Grandma's Marathon Finish Line (Duluth)

Temperatures at the finish line will warm from 53 degrees at 6 am to 60 at 8 am, 62 at 10 am, 68 at noon, and peaking out for the day at 73 at 2 pm. The limited cloud cover in the early morning will clear some into the later morning. Wind conditions will be out of the north at 5-10 mph through the morning.

Saturday Daytime (Duluth)

A few passing clouds through the day, with a high temperature in the early afternoon hours in Canal Park warming up to 73 degrees with a 5-10 mph breeze out of the north persisting through the day. No notable rain chances through the day.

Saturday Evening - Entertainment Tent Concerts (Duluth)

A few passing clouds and no notable rain chances into the evening hours, as temperatures cool from 71 degrees at 6 pm to 60 degrees at 10 pm. The wind will change through the course of the evening, shifting from a north wind to an east wind, calming down to around 5 mph after sunset.

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