This is definitely something you don't see every day. It's something you probably wouldn't see ever in your life, in fact. A trail camera caught two bull elk fighting in the wild in Minnesota. Many people are unaware of elk even being in Minnesota, but here's your proof!

Nathan Sagsteun posted the pictures and video on his Facebook page. He says something made him decide to switch his trail camera to video, and he's sure glad he did. It's a one-in-a-million capture of beautiful nature.

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According to Nathan, it happened in Northwest Minnesota in the Middle River Area in Mid-November.


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Middle River is located in Northwest Minnesota north of Thief River Falls. Elk were once native to Northern Minnesota, but overhunting led to the population dwindling out in the early 20th Century. They've since been reintroduced to the area, with now 3 herds that migrate between Kittson and Marshall Counties to Manitoba, Canada. Explore Minnesota has more information on Elk in Minnesota, and how to spot one yourself.

Nathan posted the video and it got a lot of attention. You can see these large elk lock horns.

Bull Elk will fight each other during the rut, or also known as mating season. It's to establish territory and dominance. It's the same behavior as many Minnesota White Tail Buck Hunters are familiar with.

The Minnesota DNR reminds deer hunters to know the difference between elk and deer, as the herds are covering a wider geographic location. They also would like hunters to report elk sightings so that they can better understand where they are in the state to help protect them. Hunting is available on a very limited lottery basis, with only a handful of licenses given out each year.

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