Blake Biondi and Wyatt Kaiser would be in the beginning months of playing for UMD, both freshmen, are dealing with COVID-19 rules and watching the 2020 entry draft hoping an NHL team will call their names.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 2020 NHL entry draft takes place. According to The Rink Live, both boys will most likely be picked in the second round. The Rink Live says coronavirus has changed the way they are going to school, they go by zoom. They don't get ready in the locker room at Amsoil, but they are both excited to be part of the UMD Bulldogs storied team.

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Wyatt Kaiser played for Andover High School and told The Rink Live all 31 NHL came to him and talked about him playing for them. Right now he is ranked at number 37 among North Americans.

Blake Biondi played for Hermantown, and he is the 2020 Minnesota Mr. Hockey.  He told The Rink Live he has talked to 26 teams. He is ranked at number 64.

COVID-19 has changed the draft too. The positive side of that is that the boys can't go to the 2020 NHL entry draft. Why is that good news? The Rink Live says they will be at home with their families. This year they are not allowing people to attend, so they will be sitting side by side with family and friends and waiting to hear their name being read and which team will be reading it.

We all watched these boys play at the Minnesota State Tournament and now for the Bulldogs. Good luck in the draft boys you have worked hard for this.



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