We all know how unpredictable weather can be in the Twin Ports, especially during the period of March through May.

During this months-long transition from winter to spring, we see just about everything in the Duluth and Superior area. We have winter, followed by spring, followed by a second winter.

We also see flooding, strong winds, snow, rain and more! Like we said, it really is quite unpredictable. I mean, where else will you see just about everything within one meteorologist's extended forecast?! 

One thing is for sure: it can't be worse than the freezing cold snap we saw back in February! After the hundreds of hours of consecutive freeze watches and warnings, anything will be tolerable.

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Thankfully, this time around, the National Weather Service of Duluth released an outlook through near the end of April. This offers a little bit of insight into what we can expect through this transitional period.

We will have to wait and see how May shapes up but in the meantime, check out these ten weather-related events that can happen between March and May in the Twin Ports.

10 Weather-Related Events That Can Happen In The Twin Ports Between March And May

Between March and May, anything can happen weather-wise in the Twin Ports.

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