Welp. Nothing really surprises me these days.

A kangaroo was spotted bouncing along a footbridge in Wisconsin on Monday (June 24th).

Police in Grand Chute, Wisconsin first tweeted about the sighting on early Monday morning. According to their post, the sighting occurred on a footbridge over Interstate 41.

They quickly followed up their tweet, which was full of Australia puns, confirming that they did not come into contact with said kangaroo.

Ha!! Kangaroo or not, you can't deny that this police department has a great sense of humor.

According to USA Today, the call first came in around 7 a.m. by a motorist in the area. The kangaroo was reportedly hopping away from a popular baseball stadium located nearby.

Grand Chute, Wisconsin has about 20,000 residents, give or take a few kangaroos.

Wisconsin really is hoppin' these days (get it?!) - Luke Bryan will be making a stop there in September as part of his summer Farm Tour.

Carrie Underwood was also in Wisconsin a few days ago as part of her Cry Pretty 360 Tour. She even got a very cheesy welcome!

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