If you're looking for a new job, you might want to know that the City of Duluth has extended the deadline for the Parking Meter Monitor position that they have open.

The position is open to anyone to apply.  Here is what the cities website says about the position:

The City of Duluth Parking Services Division is seeking energetic, customer-friendly, outgoing applicants for the position of Parking Monitor.  There are currently two openings, one full-time and one part-time.  This physically demanding position requires a large amount of foot patrol in a wide variety of weather conditions (though the positions will also entail driving patrols), keen observational skills, excellent communication ability, and an unwavering focus on superior customer service.  An outgoing, friendly, and informative approach to customers both external and internal is expected of this position.  Applicants should clearly understand the concepts and importance of a role in public service and demonstrate outstanding moral fiber.

What are the minimum requirements?  One year of verifiable education and or experience in law enforcement, parking enforcement, or a closely related degree program such as Criminology, Sociology, etc., possession of a valid Minnesota driver's license or equivalent, and ability to pass BCA security clearance in order to operate a police computer.

The salary range is $30,384 - $35,088.

Job applicants must meet all minimum qualifications by the closing date of the application period.  The complete job description is included in the application packet.  Applications can be submitted to the Human Resources Office in person, by mail, or as an email attachment to hrinformation@duluthmn.gov.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify that the application is on file on or before the closing date.