Eight - and I feel embarrassed admitting that.  What am I talking about?

A friend recently mentioned that he used TripAdvisor to search out new restaurants in his hometown and it left me wondering what establishments they would recommend for me.  So, I searched out the top ranked restaurants in both Duluth and Superior.  The results were a little enlightening.

In looking at the Top Ten, two things surprised me about the Superior results:  a fast food restaurant made the cut and the fact that I have only eaten at eight of the  ten.  (As a "Foodie", I like to think that I have a pretty broad knowledge of the food world in the Twin Ports)

Here are the Top Ten results (as of reviews and ratings dated through 8/17/16):

  1. Thirsty Pagan Brewing
  2. Anchor Bar
  3. Gronk's Grill and Bar
  4. Vintage Italian Pizza
  5. Golden Inn
  6. Hammond Bar & Steak House
  7. Eddie's World Famous Ribs
  8. Shamrock Pizza
  9. Aces on 29th
  10. Culver's

So which two haven't I eaten at?  I'm not telling!  See the full list, reviews and more details here.