Essentia Health has updated their visitor policy with the goal of protecting patients and staff from contracting COVID-19 while also protecting the emotional well being of their patients and their loved ones.

Essentia Health has officially added visitor hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  The following stipulations are in place at their facilities.


Essentia Health Hospitals

  • Hospital Units: 1 adult family member is allowed to visit and visitors will not be allowed if the patient has tested positive for Covid19, except in end of life situations.
  • Pediatric Units: Two adult visitors are permitted per patient.
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units: Two parents are permitted to visit at a time
  • Birthing Centers: One adult visitor (birth partner) is permitted. A certified doula will be allowed during labor, upon request.
  • Chaplaincy/Clergy: Patient visits are allowed.  Some Essentia facilities do have chaplains on staff and are available for ritual, support, prayer and assisting with virtual and phone connections with family and patient’s clergy/religious leader(s).

Essentia Health Clinics

  • Adult patients: one adult visitor is permitted.
  • Pediatric Patients: two parent/guardians are permitted with children under age 18

If you are visiting someone at Essentia Health, you will only be allowed to enter through a designated area.  Be prepared to have your temperature taken and to asked several health-related questions.

Once inside, visitors will be asked to go directly to the patients room and remain in the room throughout the entire visit.  Visitors are not allowed to eat or sleep in a patients room.

These policies are now in effect and Essentia Health will evaluate them every day and make adjustments or changes if needed.

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