The fishing season is upon us!  Along with the opportunity to get out on the lake and troll for the big one comes the increase in boat trailers on the highway.

Trailers pose problems for a lot of drivers in a couple different ways.  First, it seems like many folks have trouble backing up a vehicle with a trailer hitched to the back.  This is a vital skill - especially if you're trailering a boat - how else would you get it into the water? The secret to properly navigating a trailer in reverse is in the "S-Turn".  An article on the artofmanliness website provides a good primer in how to make a trailer go where you want it to while driving in reverse.

Perhaps the most-overlooked part of hauling a trailer (boat or otherwise) behind a vehicle is the way weight and load affect the forward motion.  The Cloquet Police Department recently shared a video on their Facebook page that demonstrates the need to keep the weight towards the front of  the trailer - rather than at the back.

Following a few short suggestions (and some common sense) can lead to a great experience on the lake.

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