The Rolling Stones originally started out as a blues band, singing and recording songs originally done by black bules artists.The Stones were not alone in the "covering" of black artists, to name a few, the Animals, Yardbirds, John Mayal, and Led Zepplin in addition to several more American bands. The difference between the Stones and other groups is they supported, and helped the black blues artists...many of the others did not.

Often times the support is not necessarily financial. Several of the Stones tours have included black artists, and Keith for example, was and is very close to most of the older blues artists. According to the National Enquirer, a longtime business associate/close friend of the aging rockers says: “It’s a little-known fact, but MICK JAGGER and the guys pay for the funerals of ALL the old bluesmen and blueswomen – most recently picking up burial expenses for the late, great ETTA JAMES and blues guitarist HUBERT SUMLIN. And nobody knows this because Mick and The Stones work hard to keep it quiet!” Both Mick and Keith are smart enough to realize the tremendous contributions black blues artists have contributed to the present day music industry. It's a "respect" thing, and they do their best to help those who need it.

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