Last night the over 100 year drought of the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in baseball ended. Why? Was it the sharp fielding? Was it the never give up attitude when they were down? Was it Bill Murray being one of their fans? No, It was me. Here's why:I am a Cubs fan. I didn't own any Chicago Cubs Jerseys, Hats, or anything. I was quiet, because I know that I alone could ruin the momentum that was happening. So, you ask how? Last year, when the Cubs made the playoffs I said to myself, ok self, it's time to get a Cubs hat. The hat came in the mail, and I proudly wore it. The Cubs never won another game in the playoffs.

Skip to this year, I wore my cubs hat sparingly, was careful not to wear it when they were playing in a game. I was out last night and before I went out I was going to put on my Cubs hat. Then I said to myself, Self, don't do it. You will ruin the Cubs run and all they need is one more win. So, I didn't wear it.

I get up today and see the Cubs won. So, today I am wearing my Cubs hat proudly and you now know why, it was ME who helped the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

chris allen