The 16th Annual Dulcimer Day in Duluth gets underway on Saturday May 6th. The event will be held at the First United Methodist Church, (Coppertop) 230 E. Skyline Pkwy., Duluth. There will be performers and classes, so you can enjoy music and learn to play.

Wendy Grethen, the organizer, talked to me about the dulcimer. It's not a popular instrument in music, but it does create its own sound. There are two kinds of Dulcimers and they will each be featured through the weekend. Click here  and for the calendar, click here.

Some of the performers this year include Don Pedi, a Traditional Mountain Musician who plays the dulcimer. He shares songs, tunes and stories in a warm, often humorous and always entertaining. Susan Trump has been winning fans with her singing, her outstanding instrumental skill on the mountain dulcimer, guitar and banjo, and her clear, relaxed teaching style. She is a much sought-after instructor and performer whose have been a part of dulcimer events nationwide. Linda Thomas and Dan DeLancey are award-winning players who have performed together for over twenty years, gaining the attention of fans and reviewers worldwide. The duo has recorded twelve albums together and facilitates workshops for beginner to advanced players.

Dulcimer Day over the years has had assorted other instruments and activities from autoharp. ukulele, bowed psaltery, guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, clogging, singing - this year the 'other' instruments are the tin whistle and "pocket instruments."

There will be classes and performers. Wendy is asking that you register ahead of time online, but they welcome anyone who wants to sign up the day of the event. There will also be food and beverages available.

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