You find the perfect tree, you get it home safe and you drag into the house and all ready you have pine needles all over. Don't destroy your vacuum try these two alternatives.

I can say that I have truly destroyed my vacuum getting the pill of needles under our tree, no matter how well you care for your tree the needles will fall. well I have found two ideas that can save your vacuum.

One that seems so easy and does work is simply using duct tape. Wrap it around your hand sticky side out and makes for a quick way to do a clean up when all the presents are around the tree.

For your bigger clean ups on carpets or hard floors use a rubber broom, needles stick less the the bristles and make for a very fast clean up. I tryed using our brisel brush broom and it did work well and prefect on the carpet, but needed a bit of help to get it out of broom when I was done.

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