Motor City Madman Ted Nugent recently sat down for an interview with a local publication and was asked when he's going to run for president. And because Nugent has never shied away from questions, particularly political ones, he had plenty to say on the subject.

"I have been asked many times over the years what I would do if I were president of this great country, and I would simply run it like I run my family," Nugent told MLive. "Everybody has to be the best that they can be, as productive as possible, law-abiding, giving, not taking, courteous, friendly, kind, caring and 100 percent dedicated to America and no one else."

Still, Nugent acknowledged and addressed one of the hurdles in the way of his taking a seat in the Oval Office. "I would win if there are more Americans who believe in the same things versus more that don't," he said. "That is the frightening tragedy before us."

The conversation naturally led to Nugent's reputation as a gun-obsessed, motormouthed redneck survivalist who may not have the U.S.' best interest in mind with his far-right political views. "I don't respond to out-and-out lies from the Saul Alinsky gang of haters and liars," Nugent said, referring to the godfather of community organizers. "I find their dishonesty rather funny, it is so insane. There have always been crazy people, and I suspect they are here for our entertainment. Have at it. Everywhere I go I am overwhelmed with kind, considerate, intelligent and honest people. The lunatic fringe will always be the lunatic fringe and have no impact whatsoever on us good folk."

The interview also lays out Nugent's plans if he were mayor of Detroit or governor of Michigan, just in case the whole president thing doesn't work out. But even the author of 'Wang Dang Sweet Poontang' admitted the scary prospects of a President Nugent. "God help us all," he said.

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