Two Harbors

How Cool Are The Weight Stations On The Paved Trail In Two Harbors?
While we were camping in Two Harbors at Burlington Bay, we had to run to Super One. We decided to go for a drive on the road that passes by Super One.  We saw a paved running trail and made note that we would have to try that route the next morning, then we saw something that was so cool we just had to stop and take a pic.
Burlington Bay Review
Last review was a campground on the Range, this weekend, Burlington Bay Campground in Two Harbors.  I can't wait to explain why I would give this city owned campground two thumbs up!
Cruise Lake Superior In Style
Whether you've lived here your whole life or have only visited the Twin Ports for a day or so - chances are that you've stopped to watch the ore boats as they arrive and depart from the largest inland port in the nation.  Now, your chance to ride on one of those boats is coming;  In fact, you could spend five days on the "cruise of a lifetime"!

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