Who Is Sweet Genius Chef Ron Ben-Israel?
I watch the Food Network from time to time.  Okay, I watch Food Network a lot more than I care to admit.  Ina Garten and  Alex Guarneschelli are two of my personal favorites.   Bobby Flay has grown on me (my first impression of Flay as cocky and self-centered has softened) - and so has Guy Fieri (wh…
Jennifer Lopez Under Fire For Fiat Commercial
Jenny might be from the block, but not the blocks she drove through for a recent Fiat commercial.  In recent commercials for the auto manufacturer, Jennifer Lopez is seen driving through the Bronx neighborhood - where she grew up.
But you'd better look again...
Kids Learn To Swear From Television
So, researchers have linked the rise in acceptable profanity on television to the increased use of these words by kids.  Do you think?
Children are very impressionable.  They watch, listen, and soak up everything that they're exposed to...
New Company Aims At Making Smell-O-Vision A Reality
Celebrity-chef Emeril Legasse teased at it.  Science-fiction writers longed for it.  Tech-heads have hoped for it.  But, it appears that "smell-o-vision" may just become a reality.
If French design company Olf-action gets their way, gamers and movie-lovers will soon b…
Burger King’s “King” Loses His Job
The economy's so tough that even Burger King's mascot is getting a pink slip.
As part of a plan to reinvent itself over the next year, fast-food chain Burger King is about to dethrone its creepy King character.
The struggling burger chain is planning to ditch the odd character who has starred in its r…
Seven High-Tech Items You Don’t Need Anymore
So the editors at MSN Money came up with a list of seven tech items that the average person doesn't need anymore.  Problem is - I still use every single one of these.
How about you?
The short list:
1   Television
2  Telephone Land Line
3  DVD Player
4  Physical Music Collection and Dedicated Player
5  Cabl…