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10 Awesome Instagram Pictures From Tall Ships Duluth
Unless you were living under a rock (or just hanging out in Superior all weekend like myself), you knew that the Tall Ships Duluth was this past weekend. Thousands and thousands of people flocked to the festival wanting to see the ships and the Rubber Duck...
How Can I Watch The Tall Ships At Home Or At The Office?
The tall ships are here!  And with them has come additional people and traffic to the Duluth Harbor area.  One estimate I saw suggested an additional 300,000 people visiting our community to see the eight giant ships that have sailed into our port for the four day event.
The Tall Ships Are Coming Back To Duluth
Working the tall ships three years ago was an incredible experience for me. The ships were beautiful and the reenactment village was cool. The craziest thing I saw was that people were paying the staff members $60 for their event shirts.
How to Avoid Tall Ships Traffic
The Tall Ships are coming to Duluth and docking in the bay. Many people look forward to the event and goes to the bay and want to see. The challenge is not only with car traffic, it's also with sail traffic.