How Do You Know Your Kid Is Ready For A Smart Phone
I was talking to a friend of mine who said something funny to me. He was going to get a smartphone for his kids. They had a talk about it and he thought it was the right idea, so I pressed him, how do you know, here's what he said and here's what studies say.
Restaurant Offers Smartphone Users Extra Benefits
Add this to the list of benefits of a smartphone:  cutting in line at the restaurant.
The Melt is a new chain of grilled-cheese restaurants with its first location opening up in San Francisco this week. You'll be able to order your sandwich the old-fashioned way by waiting in line and speaking to the…
Saying No To Smartphones
Would you be lost without your iPhone, Android, or Blackberry? Do you ever long for the days when a phone was just a phone?. Apparently, your not alone.