Is Your Child Gifted, Here’s Some Ways To Know
I know most people think their child is gifted in one way or another. Otherwise, there wouldn't be "Brag Books". Sam is writing his own songs, sings with rock bands like KISS and AC/DC and can play with 60% accuracy on rock band. He reads really well, has a huge sense of humor and can understand things that kids his age can't. Is he gifted?
Deadline Extended for 2016 Mike Colalillo Medal of Honor Scholarship
The deadline to apply for the 2016 Mike Colalillo Medal of Honor Scholarship has been extended and the award will be handed out at this year's Veterans’ Remembrance Dinner on December 8, 2016.  Any full time student enrolled in higher education in St. Louis County or a student from St. Louis County who is a full time student outside of the county, can apply.

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