Check Out These Halloween Scares, Pranks, And Fails
Have you ever hidden behind a door with a mask, or taken someone to a cemetery and jumped out from behind a stone and yelled. Or did you know kids who would stop at nothing to scare the other kids in the neighborhood? Then you will love these prank videos, and fails. It's only funny because we …
Creepy Baby At Cooke State Park
My friend and her daughter-in-law were hiking our beautiful Jay Cooke State Park trails and decided they'd check out the campground.  They both saw something sitting on a picnic table of one of the campsites that made their jaw drop.
How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?
I've seen specials on the tube like this before, usually interesting, and not for the faint of heart. A journey into the macabre.
How Much is Your Dead Body Worth?” is a creepy documentary program aired by CNBC and BBC that explores the wide-spread illegal activity the United States associated with h…